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Frederick Stearns House

Redefining luxury at the heart, Frederick Stearns House located on 8109 east Jefferson Avenue within walking distance to Detroit riverfront walk and minutes from downtown Detroit and other well-known local attractions and restaurants. The stunning English Tudor mansion was also called the red gables. It was once the home of Frederick K. Stearns who was the president of Frederick Stearns and Company. This was the largest mansion in Indian village and west village historic neighborhood. It was once a gathering place for many important people back in the days.


Unwind and Relax

Splendidly appointed grand rooms and magnificent suites. Features a balcony offering relaxed seating with views of magical sunsets, free-form swimming pool or tropical gardens​.

master bathroom
fresh roasted salmon filet with champagne hollandaise sauce and sautéed seasonal vegetables

Authentic Recipes and greater attention to taste

Enjoy exceptional cuisine at Frederick Stearns House Bed & Breakfast. Our in-house chef creates personalized menus with fresh, high-quality ingredients for breakfast and private dinner events.

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A perfect place for a small intimate wedding ceremony and family reunion. With 9 luxurious bedrooms and a private pub and various dinner area, we can guarantee a magical experiences of a life time.


We have various rooms and spaces to offer. Indoor and outdoor spaces with settings up to 50 guests. Food and Beverage available. Free Wi-Fi and parking, projector and Tv monitor are available.