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Frederick Stearns House Ballroom

The Ballroom

Step into the ballroom, gaze upon the grand antique chandeliers while your event or dance begins. The clock here never strikes midnight. Every moment spent in this magical space is a fairytale come true. Open for full rental, private partner dance lesson, group classes, and Social Club events.

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Bar and Pub

Inspired by the sprawling pubs of Europe, our downstairs members only bar and pub offer a fantastic social place for mingling and memorable gatherings. Nights of exciting sporting events or evenings of live music and dance will fulfill your spirit & take you back in time with this modern-day speakeasy.

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Frederick Stearns' Lady's Lounge

Located on the ground level. Our main lounge offers a quiet and comfortable place for guests & club members to relax and unwind. Enjoy an afternoon with your favorite book on our exquisite antique sofas and chairs or grab a drink from the bar and catch up with your close friends.

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Downtown Detroit


Visiting Detroit

Located in the historic West Village of Detroit, the Frederick Stearns house is close to a number of Detroit's famed attractions such as the West/Indian Village, Eastern Market, Belle Isle, the Detroit Riverfront, the Renaissance Center, all four professional sports teams’ venues and many more.

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