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Wedding at The Stearns House

Located one mile from Detroit famed Belle isle conservatory and yard club, walking distance to river front walk, Frederick Stearns House is  perfect choice for your dream wedding. Have the entire mansion for yourself. With 9 bedrooms available to rent and grand dinning room available for wedding rehearsal dinner, grand ballroom for banquet, speakeasy for cocktail party and courtyard and sunrooms for relaxation. Your intimate memorable wedding experience right in the heart of Detroit. Unique upscale and affordable wedding in Detroit at Frederick Stearns House. The whole property is beautifully decorated! With it's historic charm, romantic and inviting atmosphere, a magical fairytale wedding memory created right here at Frederick Stearns House.

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Wedding Packages

Luxury Wedding venue with bedrooms
  • Wedding Banquet for up to 96 people
  • Facility Reservation available for wedding party
  • 9 Bedrooms available for personal wedding party
  • Wedding arbor Rental(Available to rent)
  • Speakeasy/Ballroom Rental
    Cash bar available
  • Cocktail party for up to 96 people
  • On-Site Gourmet food preparation by local, dedicated Chef & Team

Plan your intimate, romantic ,dream wedding by reserving your wedding venue at Frederick Stearns House Historic Inn. With a list of makeup Artists, hair stylists, florists and photographers to choose from, We are right here to help you creat an unforgettable experience. You have the whole mansion  for your most important day . This is where the magic wedding experience happens.

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Rushed on time, We can see what we can help you with. Don't let your BIG DAY create stress in your life, Frederick Stearns House is here to help keep that momentum going until your honeymoon...

Third-Party Vendors
  • Musicians
  • Music Bands
  • Hairstylists
Makeup Artists

Frederick Stearns House Venues

Frederick Stearns House Ballroom

The Ballroom

Step into the ballroom, gaze upon the grand antique chandeliers while your event or dance begins. The clock here never strikes midnight. Every moment spent in this magical space is a fairytale come true. Open for full rental, private partner dance lesson, group classes, and Social Club events.

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Bar and Pub

Inspired by the sprawling pubs of Europe, our downstairs members only bar and pub offer a fantastic social place for mingling and memorable gatherings. Nights of exciting sporting events or evenings of live music and dance will fulfill your spirit & take you back in time with this modern-day speakeasy.

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Frederick Stearns' Lady's Lounge

Located on the ground level. Our main lounge offers a quiet and comfortable place for guests & club members to relax and unwind. Enjoy an afternoon with your favorite book on our exquisite antique sofas and chairs or grab a drink from the bar and catch up with your close friends.

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Tours Available on Saturdays NOON - 4pm